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Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is back in the news for her alleged affair. The celebrated singer is currently linked with One Direction's songwriter Niall Horan and now fans are wondering whether these have been dating and if yes, how serious is the romance between the two.

The rumors about Selena Gomez's dating started after a journalist tweeted that he thought he saw Selena and Niall at a Lewis Capaldi on April 3. This is what that journalist immediately tweeted:

"The @LewisCapaldi showcase was incredible," the journalist captioned. "This guy's a f***ing star! (Also, unless I'm hallucinating, Selegend & Niall were sitting at the table next to me)."

The tweet made many to believe that Selena Gomez and Niall Horan are officially dating. Fans were quick to add that after Justin Bieber, Niall Horan is the perfect guy for the 26-year-old Selena. However, as it turned out, these two are not dating at this moment. A source close to Selena revealed to HollywoodLife that the former Disney star thinks very highly of Niall but she is currently not thinking about dating anyone.

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Niall Horan at the iHeartRadio album release party.Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

"Selena is not really dating right now even though she thinks Niall is cute and totally talented, and she appreciates some of the nice things he has said about her."

As we all know, 2018 was a pretty tough year for Selena Gomez. In March, she parted ways with Justin Bieber, with whom she was in an on-again-off-again relationship from a long time. When Justin announced his engagement with Hailey Baldwin, many thought that Selena will react badly to it. However, she chose to stay quiet but a month later, she reportedly entered a health facility for depression.

Over the last couple of months, Selena Gomez has dedicated her hours to work and spending some quality time with her friends. The source further revealed that Selena is busy taking care of herself.

"Selena and Niall are very cool with each other and are friends. They have flirted in the past but Selena and dating is just not something she is interested in right now, even someone she thinks that is so cool and nice like Niall," the insider further revealed.

Selena Gomez's fans know that the celebrated artist will find love at her own speed and won't rush into anything.