During the coronavirus lockdown, online and indoor games have become a must in every Indian household. But an indoor game took a wild turn when a woman filed a 'breach of trust' complaint against her father for cheating.

A woman 24-year-old woman approached a family court in Bhopal filing a complaint that her father cheated in a game of Ludo. 

The woman was so upset that she said she didn't expect her father to cheat and trusted him hence has decided to cut all ties with him. 

The woman expected him to lose the game for the sake of her "happiness"

The woman, who said she lost all her respect for her father after the fateful game of Ludo, approached Sarita, a Bhopal-based counsellor, whom she informed about that fateful game which she was playing with her siblings and father when the latter killed one of her tokens, the report further stated. She added that she had expected him to lose the game for the sake of her "happiness".

Counsellor Sarita was quoted as saying by ANI, "She said she trusted her father so much & didn't expect him to cheat. We have conducted 4 counselling sessions with her." 

As the incident took the social media by storm, it elicited reactions and memes from amused Twitterati.

"Are u serious rn !? I would give away anything to be able to play or talk to my father just one more time again.... some idiots dun realise how lucky they are to be able to spend time with their parents when they are still alive."