There are concerns about playgrounds, safety, leaving children unattended, etc. But, it's never really the nature of the equipment that concerns parents, never does one ask a question like, "what impression would this slide have on a child's mind?" And with good reason, these questions only add to parental anxiety. 

Yet, there are some playgrounds that seem to be more creepy than cheeky. Some playground makers have created a playground that is better suited to psychedelic dreams. We present to you a few playgrounds that will leave your kids with an existential crisis and lost innocence. 

Photo by Juliana Mayo on Unsplash

Playgrounds that are bound to give kids and their parents nightmares

A parent's endeavour is to always shield their kids from the dark side. Not just that, kids should enjoy their innocence while it lasts. So the fear is somebody, warping their ideas on life before it's time. Playgrounds are supposed to be dedicated areas where children are free to explore, learn and grow. Or so we thought...

These playground makers make us wonder what was running through their minds when they created it, we're hoping these are jokes, but it's highly likely that they're not:

#1 Straight from the Silence of the Lambs

Weird playground
aquachist on imgur

All we can ask is why? 

#2 Sponge Bob gone rogue

Sponge Bob are you okay? 

#3 A slide of no return

Clearly whoever made this doesn't like kids...And playgrounds. 

#4 Preparing kids for life

Sometimes life feels likes this as you grow older, no lie. 

#5 Messing up direction

It would be funny, except you don't want your kids mixing up direction. 

#6 Helping kids with Science

This is a sure-shot way to ensure a kid doesn't grow up to be an engineer. 

#7 Thomas is done with life

Thomas has had a rough run, teaching your kids that life can get your hard sometimes. 

#8 A clown worse the IT

#9 If Disney went dark

See, this is why Disney should make its characters wear pants. This is a Donald Duck nobody should ever meet, especially not a kid.

#10 Ruining slides for everybody

Just...why? Even adults wouldn't want to ride this slide. 

Well, these are some playgrounds to visit if you want to scar your kids for life...