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You see, in American politics, this is "the most important time" specifically, for two politicians, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, to make a great impression on voters who then can decide their fate in the upcoming November 3rd election.

Towards that end, President Donald Trump's supporter and conservative media personality Tomi Lahren posted a video that was intended to thank the Indian diaspora for supporting Donald Trump and extoll the president for his supposed intelligence but inadvertently ended up ridiculing the very man.

In the video, Lahren said, "Trump 2020 is all about keeping America great, because President Trump is wise like an owl, or as you say in Hindi, wise like an ullu."

Her intention to compare Trump with the with an owl to show his intelligence backed fired as far from connoting intelligence, "ullu," in the Indian context, is considered a symbol of stupidity or foolishness.

Netizens then latched on the term "ullu" and the fountain of creativity was opened up immediately.

See some of the crackers of it here...


The presidential election in the US is scheduled to be held on November 3. Current President Donald Trump on the Republican ticket will be facing off Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Both parties are trying to woo Indian diaspora who form are a major group of eligible voters in the US election.

In the last election, Trump had received support from the Indian Americans but this year the fight is tough. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has picked Indian-origin Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate. And, there is a fair possibility that due to her candidature for the second hight post in American politics, Indian Americans would vote for her in big numbers.

Republicans do not want to leave any stone unturned in their effort to ensure the votes of Indian Americans remain on side of Donal Trump.