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US President Donald TrumpReuters

United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed that the US is the only country that is fighting against terrorists in Afghanistan, adding that countries like India, Iran, Russia and Turkey would have to fight at "some point". 

"At a certain point Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey they are going to have to fight their battles too. We wiped out the caliphate 100 per cent. I did it in record time but at a certain point all of these other countries where ISIS is around they have been decimated, by the way, badly decimated." Trump told reporters at the White House.

Trump said despite India and Pakistan's stake in Afghanistan, he condemned the countries for doing little to help the security situation adding that the US single-handedly eliminated the caliphate in a month's time.

"Look India is right there. They are not fighting it. We are fighting it. Pakistan is right next door. They are fighting it very little. Very, very little. It's not fair. The United States is 7,000 miles away," Trump said.

He also that he has no choice other than to release "thousands of Islamic State fighters" into European countries like France and Germany.

"We beat them. We captured them. We've got thousands of them and now, as usual, our allies say, no, we don't want them even though they came from France and Germany and other places. So we're going to tell them and we have already told them to take these prisoners that we've captured because the United States is not going to put them in Guantanamo for the next 50 years and pay for it, Trump said.

He also said that the countries like India is fighting

will have to step up their fight against Afghan terrorism as the US does not want to continue the 19-year war in the region.

Trump's remark came a day after he said that the US troops will not fully withdraw from the country, citing possible security and political upheaval by reclamation of authority by the Taliban.  

Washington is negotiating a deal with the terrorist organisation and the Afghan government for a political agreement to end the war in Afghanistan spanning 19-years.

Tensions between the terror organisation and the Afghan government has made negotiations between them difficult as the Taliban condemns Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's government and calls them a US puppet.