US President Donald Trump is overly confident in his role in various matters of national interest - including and not limited to handling the coronavirus pandemic. His views on jobs and economy is on a whole another level. But in a refreshed attempt to solidify his stand, Trump was all praise for the way his administration handled the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

Trump tweeted on Monday that US is getting "very high marks" for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The brief tweet did not have any evidence to back the bold statement, not even any mention of who's giving those high marks.

"Starting to get VERY high marks in our handling of the Coronavirus (China Virus), especially when compared to other countries and areas of the world. Now the Vaccines (Plus) are coming, and fast!" the President tweeted to his 85.8 million followers.

Numbers don't lie

Donald Trump

Looking at the numbers, Trump is in no position to brag about handling coronavirus very well. The US has been leading the charts in terms of the number of positive cases, which has now breached 6 million mark. Even the deaths are at record number, a little over 188K.

If anyone could brag about getting "very high marks" in handling the pandemic, it could be Denmark, as 95 percent of its citizens think their country handled the pandemic well, a statistical study by Pew Research Centre revealed in August. The same study puts US at the lowest rank, which suggests nearly half of the citizens thought their government did a good job dealing with the outbreak.

Moving on to the second part of Trump's tweet, which suggested "vaccines" are coming. Again, Trump did not mention which vaccine he is referring to. Currently, there are three COVID vaccines under trials in the US by pharma firms AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. Trump has claimed the vaccine could be ready this year, in fact even before the US elections.