True Lover

Two films hit the screens this week, and one of them is Lover, which is receiving positive reviews. The Telugu version of this film, titled True Lover, hit the screens in Telugu states on February 10th. Good Night fame Manikandan and MAD fame Sri Gouri Priya joined hands for this romantic drama, which is directed by Prabhuram Vyas. Take a look at how the film is.


Arun (Manikandan) and Divya (Sri Gouri Priya), college sweethearts of six years, face challenges in their relationship due to Arun's possessive and aggressive nature. Arun struggles to find investors for his cafe plans, prompting Divya's suggestion that he take up a job. However, Arun's job doesn't last, leading to increased conflicts with Divya. The film revolves around whether Arun and Divya eventually get married and if their relationship issues find resolution.

Performances and Technical Aspects:


Manikandan impresses with a compelling portrayal of Arun's transformation, showcasing versatility in the Tamil film industry. Sri Gouri Priya delivers a realistic portrayal of Divya's pain and inner turmoil. Kanna Ravi adds depth to his role, while Geetha Kailasam and Saravanan shine as the hero's parents.

The soundtrack by Sean Ronaldon complements the film's tone, and Shreyaas Krishna's cinematography enhances its impact. Director Prabhuram Vyas succeeds in highlighting contemporary relationship challenges. The film resonates with youth through relatable moments, although some scenes may feel repetitive.


The movie connects with the younger audience by depicting relatable moments, and these scenes are likely to resonate well with them. The humour in the film is acceptable.

Manikandan's portrayal of Arun is so natural and compelling that it evokes a sense of dislike towards the character. The young actor showcases versatility in his career with strong conviction in various roles. An additional commendation goes to his excellent Telugu dubbing efforts, earning him well-deserved praise.

Sri Gouri Priya

While True Lover engages with its realistic portrayal, repetitiveness hampers the overall impact. Identical scenarios depicting the toxic relationship between Arun and Divya lead to a sense of beating around the bush. The second half lacks progression until a hard-hitting dialogue provides insight into the lead pairs' dynamics. The film's latter hour feels dragged with scenarios replicating the first half.

The film's approach to contemporary relationships adds depth, but improvements in pacing and varied scenarios could have elevated its impact.


True Lover is a well-intentioned, realistic love story that resonates with today's youth. Despite a slow-paced narrative and repetitive scenes, strong performances and relatable situations make it a decent watch.