Triumph has launched black editions of the two Bonnevilles—T100 and T120—for those of you who don't want to invest a lot of time in cleaning a lot of chrome on your motorcycles. It makes sense too when that time can be utilized in actually riding the motorcycles...

These Bonnies are properly black, and there's just a hint of silver and chrome to let Satan know that your soul is not for sale. Not yet. Also, there are two different kinds of black available for each bike. The best part though is that both motorcycles cost exactly the same as their shiny brethren. The T100 Black costs Rs 8,87,400 and the T120 Black costs Rs 9,97,600. All prices mentioned in this story are ex-showroom.

Triumph Bonneville customization, home test ride, and home delivery

As always, there are a good number of accessories on offer too and Triumph says that you can now save the customization of your Bonnie on the Triumph India website and send it directly to the dealer. Also, Triumph is currently offering home test-rides and home deliveries of motorcycles in states where the lockdown has eased.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Black specifications

Triumph Bonneville T100 Black
Triumph Bonneville T100 BlackTriumph Motorcycles India

Well, the tech specs remain the same as the regular T100's—there's absolutely no change whatsoever. Still, if you're someone whose Hb count rises (or falls) upon knowing the power and torque figures, then here they are: 55 PS at 5750 rpm and 80 Nm at 3230rpm. A seat height of 790 mm and a dry weight of 213 kg are the only other figures that a potential Bonnie rider would be looking at. You may check the rest on their website.

Triumph Bonneville T120 Black specifications

It's the same story here as well, but with a funny difference. The Triumph website shows the peak torque figure for this bike as 105 Nm at 3100rpm. However, the press release we received mentions it as 107 Nm at 4000rpm. We have asked Triumph to clear this and the copy will be duly updated with company's response.

Triumph Bonneville T120 Black
Triumph Bonneville T120 BlackTriumph Motorcycles India

A similar discrepancy is there in the T100 as well. Their website mentions 55 PS at 5750rpm, and the press release shows the same peak power output but at 5900rpm. It's the same story with the T120's peak power rpm. The website shows that it produces 80 PS at 6,550 rpm; the press note says that it's 6,250rpm. What's happening, Triumph?

Stay tuned for clarification in the matter.

UPDATE: Correct power and torque figures for the Triumph Bonneville T100 Black and T120 Black

Triumph India has sent the correct power and torque figures for both the bikes to us, and I noticed that they have updated their website as well now. It's all good, but something on the lines of "thank you, IBT, for being so vigilant; we really appreciate it" would have been a nice acknowledgement. Anyway, it's okay. Here are the correct figures:

Bonneville T100 Black

40.5 KW (55 PS) at 5900 rpm
80 Nm at 3200 rpm

Bonneville T120 Black

59 KW (80 PS) at 6550 rpm
104 Nm at 2970 rpm