Ever since the implementation of the nation-wide lockdown to curb the further possible spread of the novel coronavirus, the police force, health care, and medical staff along with the other government officials have been relentlessly working day and night sans a respite.

As a token of gratitude and love to these heroes from the people across, renowned filmmaker Yogaraj Bhat has once again donned the cap of a director, this time to do a special music video 'capturing the mood of the state.'

yogaraj bhat-bhaskar rao IPS
yogaraj bhat-bhaskar rao IPS

A tribute to the heroes 

Bhat was initially excited when Bengaluru city police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao IPS approached him on a request to film a song celebrating the Covid warriors and the spirit of the state.

The song features real-life heroes like the 'heroes' in the video too. No other celebrities or film stars would share the screen space, says the director.

Bhat is a well-proved filmmaker as well as a lyricist, and screenplay writer.

His 2006 directorial venture 'Mungaru Male' recorded the highest box-office collections in the history of Kannada cinema and still holds the record for the longest-running film at a multiplex. He has also directed the movies Panchatantra, Drama, Manasaare, and Gaalipata.

"The commissioner had requested me to do a special video capturing the mood of the state," says Bhat. "I have written the song, which has been set to tune by Arjun Janya and sung by Vijay Prakash," he added.

The video captures those people who, albeit the risk and threat for their self, have decided to pilot the fight against the contagion for the welfare of his fellow beings; viz. the government, police force, BBMP task force and the many media personnel who are reporting live from the hotspots, along with some prominent philanthropists like Sudha Murty.

"I have already shot some portions of the video with the Chief Minister, some cabinet ministers and members of the police force," says Bhat.

karnataka police force
karnataka police force

Lockdown in Karnataka

The Karnataka state police force, particularly the Bengaluru police have been implanting various measures to prevent people from stepping out of their homes during the lockdown.

Bengaluru city police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has ensured a risk-free flow of essential commodities to the residents of the city. In addition to this, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has recently launched a citywide home delivery service for Bengalurueans that enables them to buy groceries, sitting at home via phone or through WhatsApp.