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The Upside starring Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston has opened to a huge collection of $19.6 million, surpassing Aquaman that has been on top of every chart for three weeks straight. But, this is not surprising at all provided the number of controversies that it had was surrounded with, well not all was regarding the movie, except for one. From Kevin Hart's controversial comment on gay people and his stance for not choosing to host the Oscars, to the film being the latest production from Harvey Weinstein's company.

But what Trevor Noah talked about in the latest episode of The Daily Show, is about the debate regarding casting Bryan Cranston for the role of a disabled guy, which to be fair, could be given to a disabled person. "There was a really fascinating discussion I stumbled upon online," Noah started. "I am not gonna lie, my first instinct – are you guys being serious?", Noah expressed. Because honestly, let's face it, in the age of the internet, literally any topic becomes a debate topic nowadays. But was the topic really one of those no-brainer topics?

The Upside

"Nobody speaks anymore, no one anymore has a conversation...but there was one actor who was in a wheelchair... he wrote a really good response, didn't fight with anybody," Trevor cited. He went on to explain how the actor changed his perspective when the person said how his limitations restrict him from playing many roles, so when he saw a character, like the one Bryan Cranston played, he felt that that role was perfect for him. "This could be the moment where I have all the tools necessary to play the part, do I have a shot at playing?" Noah explained.

This is where Trevor takes it to the point of representation and further indulges the audience about its importance and "how powerful it is." That the issue of representation exists in Hollywood os something to ponder about. He also chipped into the point, when news of "The Lion King" remake reached him he was hoping that his "phone is gonna ring... because..." you know, leaving it to the audience to complete the joke, ending with a huge round of applause. Trevor Noah was so excited of bagging a role in the upcoming Disney film that he was answering every phone by singing the theme song of the movie.

Whatever, be the side of his story the fact that representation has been a long pressing issue; misrepresentation has also been an issue in Hollywood. So, to put things in perspective, Hollywood has come a long way but it still has a long way to go.