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Sir Martin Rees, an esteemed British astronomer and the former president of the Royal Society, has claimed that a species of hybrid human cyborgs will colonize Mars in the future. As per Martin Rees, this new species of humans will be the result of bio-modification and cyborg techniques, and he added that this new group who will colonize the Red Planet will be 'thrill-seeking adventurers rather than normal people'.

Martin Rees, author of the book 'On the Future' that discusses the potential migration of humans to Mars also claimed that humanity will soon get involved in a bumpy ride in a quest for survival.

In a recent interview with MACH, Martin Rees argued that migrating to Mars will not be the ultimate problem solver for the human population that will cross the nine billion mark by 2050.

"There is the idea that we should despair and evacuate this planet and go somewhere else. That's a dangerous delusion. I know it's been promoted by Elon Musk and also by my late colleague Stephen Hawking, but I think there's no Planet B. The world's problems can't be solved by escaping from the world. They've got to be tackled here," said Rees during the interview.

As per Rees, most of the human population can comfortably live on earth than on Mars if we succeed in combating adverse climate change.

"It's a dangerous delusion to think otherwise, because terraforming Mars is much, much harder than ensuring we have a sustainable situation here and avoid massive climate change," added Rees.

Martin Rees believes that a section of people who will finally settle down in Mars will be a new species who possess all the capabilities to survive in an alien environment.

"They will have every incentive to use bio-modification and maybe cyborg techniques, linking to electronic machines, to adapt to their alien environment. They will quite quickly become like a new species," argued Martin Rees.

A few months back, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX had claimed that the government on Mars will be based on direct democracy. Musk made these remarks after many people blamed that the ultimate aim of the South African billionaire businessman is to rule an entire planet alone.

"I think most likely the form of government on Mars would be a direct democracy, where people vote directly on issues. Everyone votes on every issue and that's how it goes," said Musk.