strange entity mars
UFO Sightings Daily

Scott C Waring, a popular conspiracy theorist who runs the website 'UFO Sightings Daily' has uploaded some eerie photos recently which shows a strange entity, very similar to the beings portrayed in Hollywood movies on the surface of Mars. Waring argued that he has spotted these anomalies from the images released by NASA on their website.

"While scanning over photos from Mars, I found an energy being on Mars near the NASA rover. The rover took three photos of this being as it was moving past. The being is pure white light," wrote Waring on his website.

At the first glance, the white object spotted in the image looked light a reflection, but Waring ruled out this possibility stating that it was an overcast sky on Mars with thick clouds. Waring also assured that the object spotted in the video could be very much alive, hinting possible alien life on the Red Planet.

"I thought it might be gamma radiation hitting the surface of the planet...but three times in a few hours? That's like the same guy winning the mega lottery in the same day...the odds are way out there. So...this object had to have come into the photo, had its own light source and lingered for a while changing the photos attest too. It is alive!" added Waring.

Waring also claimed that NASA is afraid to go near that object to investigate what it is. As per Waring, NASA's Mars rover may get shut down or malfunction if it approaches the angelic entity on the Martian surface.

A few days back, a group of conspiracy theorists had spotted a mysterious green UFO hovering very close to the surface of the giant planet Jupiter. The anomaly was found in an image released by NASA, and alien buffs soon came to the conclusion that the strange object spotted above Jupiter is an irrefutable proof of alien existence.