Beware about your Network Security
Beware about your Network SecurityReuters

Security analysing site Krebonsecurity has recently published a detailed report on how the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad brought down the Sony's popular gaming website Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

In the report the analyser has explained how the hacker group triggered the Denial of Service attack to both the websites. And to achieve that they used several routers with weak username/password combination.

You must consider yourself lucky that your home/office router was not hacked after choosing easy predictable username or password combination. But you should be cautious enough after this entire saga.

Remember, every single activity gets tracked by the internet service providers and government authorities so once someone trigger any questionable activity by using your WiFi router, you'll be in a big trouble. So before blaming your router manufacturer solely for this reason, go through the below written tips and follow them strictly for being safe.

Choose the Best Password Combination

Always choose a separate password for each of your accounts. Always combine lower case, upper case, numeric and symbols to create them. Never ever keep your network's name in the password. Also avoid using easily guessed password such as Admin, Admin123, Building Name or Number, Password, 12345 or 123.

Also remember to choose your password length more than eight characters. Long password combinations are tough to crack even through Brute Force Method. Also avoid using same password for multiple accounts. If it becomes difficult to remember passwords, use a password manager on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Do check whether your router carries a WPA or WPA2 symbol. Refrain from buying the routers who doesn't carry this symbol on the package. WPS of WiFi Protected Setup allows you to encrypt your router's connection. Of course after installation the feature needs to be configured for activation. There are several tutorials available over the manufacturers or some other website. Follow them religiously.


Keep your Router software up-to-date. Also, keep checking whether the manufacturer released any new firmware update. If available, install it and reboot your router for instant activation. If update checking sounds rigorous for you, install update checker software on your system which will alert you once any of your installed software has an update.


Most of the latest WiFi router manufacturers have released multi platform apps for administrating the router. Installing an app has several advantages over the traditional Desktop/Laptop control. They allow you to check the number of users currently connected with their device mac address plus they also gives you a detailed report on their online activities. If you found any fictitious user block them instantly. If your router doesn't have any support, try to log in at your desktop software regularly and keep checking the activities.

Anti Virus and Firewall

How about keeping a house unlocked with precious things, cash inside? Similarly, never ever be casual with your device's security. Whether you are using a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, always install a personal firewall and Anti Virus software to hide your computer from the hackers. They also prevent you from Identity Theft by securing your personal information. If possible buy an all-round security package such as Norton 360, ESET Smart Security or Kaspersky Internet Security.