Android devices gets another threat, reports eScan
Android devices gets another threat, reports eScanReuters

Cyber security sleuths have warned of a Trojan virus that is created to steal sensitive personal data from Android devices. Named as Android/Sms-send, the virus is a malware installed via Android apps.

The Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) said that cyber-criminals modify a legitimate application and make it malicious. This newly found virus usually redistributes itself via third-party marketplace or other separate channels.

After infecting the device, the malware sends text messages to premium rate numbers including the users' frequently used contact list. These messages contain malicious links and once clicked, it will get downloaded by itself.

Basic information about the Android device such as IMEI number, device ID, device type among others are compromised and it can even install spyware on the targeted device.

Moreover, the agency said that apart from sending text messages, this malware steals personal information including passwords, contacts, pictures and personal banking information, besides tracking the location and illegally accessing text messages. Additionally, it also installs other spywares and even disables firewall and anti-virus program that is installed on the device to defend itself.

To counter this newly found threat, users should download any authentic anti-virus software and keep them updated at a regular basis along with other installed applications.

These threats are usually found on third party Android applications and over the web, so the best measure is to keep away from them and install apps only via Google Play app store.

Users are advised to check the ratings and feedbacks, before downloading any particular app and should also keep an eye on the permissions required by that application.

Also, they should not respond to SMSs or automated voice messages from unknown numbers on smartphones and also avoid clicking on links sent via SMS.