If you're planning to buy a smartwatch or fitness band, there are plenty of options available in the market for various budgets and specifications. Some focus on looks, while the others concentrate on features and price.

So, while picking a particular smartwatch or a wearable for yourself, the most important factor you should consider is its compatibility with your phone, plus does it really cater to the functions you're looking for. Earlier, we did a detailed story on how to pick the perfect smartwatch for you. While we concentrated on the android part, the features we specified in the story are pretty similar to other platform watches as well.

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Moto 360

Moto 360 Smartwatch
Moto 360 SmartwatchMotorola

Motorola's only smartwatch brought them a lot of success this year. This circular smartwatch features edge to edge pixels on a 1.56-inch display board.

With a resolution of 320x290 that translates into 205 pixels per inch, Moto 360 features a TI OMAP3630 processor coupled with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. It also features a 320mAh battery, which is sure to last a whole busy day.

LG G Watch and Watch R

The models we mentioned above are different in shape with a few other minor differences. The G Watch is actually one popular smartwatch that comes with a plethora of features on-board.

Featuring a 1.66inch IPS LCD screen, LG G features a good viewing angle with decent visibility under direct sunlight. With a resolution support of 280x280, this watch will sure to appeal you at the first glance.

Powered by Qualcomm 400 Processor with 1.2GHz of CPU, G watch offers 512MB RAM, 4GB storage and a battery capacity of 400mAh.

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble and Steel Smartwatches
Pebble and Steel SmartwatchesPebble India

Unlike the above two models, Pebble smartwatches are compatible with both iPhone and android smartphones. The e-ink screened smartwatch consumes niche memory and battery power and is sure to run several days. Available in different colours, Pebble costs less and tracks your fitness performance, controls music, find ranges in golf and alerts on emails.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3
Sony Smartwatch 3Sony

The third version of the Sony-developed smartwatch boasts of several modifications over its predecessor, like a better resolution screen, slimmer form factor and comes bundled with Google Android Wear OS.

To keep it running, Sony Smartwatch 3 comes powered with an ARM A7 processor running at 1.2GHz and 512MB worth RAM and 4GB of in-built storage. Smartwatch 3 also bundles a built-in microphone, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and GPS sensor technologies.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung

Featuring a stunning rectangular design, Gear Live features a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 320x 320. It also offers easy customisation on the clock and utilises a simple one-touch device wake-up. Ensuring its build quality, Gear Live meets IP67 standard, hence is able to endure dust and water immersion.

Coupling an 800MHz processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage, Gear Live is sure to cope with all available applications. For battery life, Gear Live features a 315mAh battery, which would last for a day.

Samsung Gear Neo 2

Samsung Gear Neo 2
Samsung Gear Neo 2Samsung

The Samsung Gear Neo 2 is the inexpensive edition of Gear 2 smartwatch and is available in various colour options. The stylish smartwatch is compatible with 17 different models of Samsung Galaxy devices (smartphones and tablets) and can be used as a substitute of your TV remote, enjoy music on the go, work as your personal fitness manager and give you smart notifications. The Gear Neo 2 offers several customised themes like MOTO 360 or LG G Watch R and the best part, it fits your budget.

Fitness Tracker/ Wearable

Runtastic Runnor1 orbit Band

Runtastic Runnor1 orbit Band
Runtastic Runnor1 orbit BandRuntastic

Apart from being a smartwatch, Runtastic Runnor 1 is a Fitness tracker wearable device with a 2-inch OLED plastic display with the necessary accelerometer, vibration monitor and ambient light sensor. The wearable device is able to show user's cycling or running time, calories burned along with the progress towards achieving the desired fitness goal.

The Runnor1 is able to run around a week on a single charge and sync data logs with the proprietary fitness apps. Runtastic is quite a known name in developing fitness apps and features at the top of the list.

We recommend this fitness wearable for the beautifully organised screen, great Runtastic ecosystem, durability, features and an outstanding battery life.

Jawbone UP Wristband

Jawbone UP Wristband
Jawbone UP WristbandAmazon

Jawbone Up is a wearable device that looks like a stylish wristband and can track your sleeping, eating and movement pattern to let you know how healthy your lifestyle is and where you need to improve.

Jawbone has launched an app for both Apple and android devices to present all the collected information through interactive charts and reports.

The wristband is comfortable to wear and can run 10 days in a single charge and is available at a decent price.

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge
Fitbit ChargeFitbit

Integrating eight sensors and a GPS tracker, this smartwatch can transfer the user's entire physical activities to the app and show an accumulated data as reports and graphs. This app will also be able to set new physical activity goals for the user.

Boasting of an OLED screen, the Charge will offer touch controls and will allow users to control music and will also be able to check their heart rate. It can also send calls and text notification to the user.

The Fitbit Charge will also offer enhanced integration with Microsoft's Cortana, if paired with a Windows smartphone.

Xiaomi MI Band/ Pivotal Life tracker

Pivotal Life Tracker
Pivotal Life TrackerPivotal

With niche availability, Xiaomi MI Band is one of the cheapest wearable devices available. Compatible only with the Android Kitkat 4.4 or higher OS-based smartphones, the Mi band is a water-resistant fitness tracker device with an ability to measure your sleep pattern.

The device may soon be available in India and can become an option for those who don't want to spend thousands on these devices.

For US and Europe consumers, the real substitute of Mi band is Pivotal Life tracker which looks much better and offer several functionalities in comparison with Mi band. The Pivotal Life tracker features an OLED screen and charges $12 per year.