Mission Impossible 6, Tom Cruise, stunt
Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible 6.Tom Cruise, Twitter

"Is there anything Tom Cruise cannot do?" asked Twitter soon after Tom Cruise shared the video of a death-defying stunt from his upcoming movie, Mission: Impossible- Fallout. Although director Christopher McQuarrie had once teased that the stunts in MI6 would top every other stunt Cruise has performed in the Mission: Impossible franchise, no one thought it would escalate to this level.

In the new behind-the-scenes stunt video, the 55-year-old actor was seen taking a leap to perform high altitude low open (HALO) jump. The video shows Cruise, director (and enabler) Christopher McQuarrie, and producer Jake Myers giving fans a rundown on how the whole stunt was brought to life.

They explained that a giant wind machine was built just for rehearsals and flight permissions from the U.A.E. were obtained. The team had to breathe pure oxygen for a few moments before the jump to combat altitude sickness and had a narrow window of 3 minutes to shoot, just after sunset.

The video took no time to become the Twitter's topic of discussion and fans expressed their awe over the nail-biting stunt sequence. "I don't think any other actor in the world would consider this, let alone do it!" commented a user. "Man...that is insane...i don' t even remember if ever #007 movie dare pull the same thing," added another user.

"If this is not the definition of awesome, I don't know what is!" said another fan.

Check out the crazy video here: