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Tom AndersonReuters

Yet another report from Huzlers has managed to fool people into thinking that Tom Anderson, popularly known as Tom from Myspace, was killed in a robbery on Friday in Los Angeles.

According to the satire website, the co-creator of Myspace was shot dead by Marvin Westin, who attempted to rob Anderson, and the robber is believed to have claimed that he wouldn't have robbed Anderson if he had recognised him.

"I didn't know It was Tom from MySpace" said Westin. "I feel so bad right now, I loved Tom, I had him first on my top friend back when I used MySpace," Westin finished as he began to cry.

Anderson is popularly known as Tom from Myspace and Myspace Tom, as until 2010, Anderson would automatically be assigned as the first "friend" of any new Myspace users. Anderson left the company for good in 2009, and based on his Twitter info, he is enjoying retired life by indulging in his latest passion for photography.

Although Tom has been absent from social networking accounts for close to a week, his Internet activity hinted that he has been travelling a great deal in the last couple of weeks.

Almost a week ago Anderson was in Iceland, as per his Instagram feed, and here is what he wrote.

"Excited to have landed in Iceland!After a night of intense wind and rain and closure of the ring road, the storm quickly passed and I got to drive out into the country a bit. I've seen none of the famous sites yet, but it's lovely here. Mesmerized :-)"

Here are some Twitter reactions to Anderson's death news: