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Tollywood actor Ravi Teja's mother Rajyalakshmi has denied the allegations against her son with regard to the drug scandal. She has also slammed the reports about late actor Bharath driving under influence of drugs.

Ravi Teja's family is shattered by the accidental death of Bharath and a lot has been written and spoken about his car accident. The family made some efforts to silence the rumour mongers but in vain. While they are still struggling to recover from the tragedy, they were hit by another shocking speculation that Ravi Teja received notices from Excise department in the drug scandal.

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Tollywood recently came under the scanner for drug abuse and a list of celebrities was allegedly leaked. This list featured the names of some A-list actors and directors and Ravi Teja was one among them. Both the actor and his family members kept mum on the issue. Rajyalakshmi appeared before the media for the first time in her life and cleared the air on all the rumours related to her family members.

She said that she was disappointed over the rumours about Ravi Teja. "I'm deeply hurt by the reports and speculations about my son Ravi Teja in the drugs case. He doesn't even smoke a cigarette, and you (media) are dragging him into this drugs issue. I request media not to link him with Bharath. Ravi Teja is a gentleman with no vices," a movie portal quoted her as saying with tearful eyes.

Several rumours about Ravi Teja skipping his brother Bharath's funeral have been doing the rounds. She clarified that he didn't attend it as per the family traditions and there is no other reason. "Ravi Teja is engulfed with sorrow after his brother's death but he is continuing shooting for the sake of the producers. My son is being incriminated for wrong reasons. He is not guilty. Ravi Teja is innocent," she added.

Ravi Teja's brother B Bharath Raj
Ravi Teja's brother B Bharath RajTwitter

It was speculated that Bharath was driving his car under the influence of drugs when he met with the accident, but his mother Rajyalakshmi refuted the rumours, saying: "Bharath was not under influence of drugs as media is reporting. He had started turning into a good man, stopped taking alcohol also as he was selected for Bigg Boss. But accident took him away from us."