Sushant Singh is a well-known actor, anchor, presenter, and was also an honorary secretary of CINTAA until 2019. He is known for his prolific work in films like The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002), Jungle (2000) and Virrudh: Har Rishta Ek Kurukshetra and many more. One can never forget his ace anchoring skills in Savdhaan India. Sushant has been entertaining us with his acting prowess for over 22 years. Sushant is quite vocal about the news and current affairs. 

As India celebrates its 72nd Republic Day, Sushant Singh in an exclusive chat with International Business Times spoke heart-to-heart about India's youth, why he feels that things are changing, the Constitution of India, and what does Republic India stands for him and more.

Excerpts from the conversation 

Sushant Singh on Republic Day

Do you think the youth of India is politically aware, or are they social media-driven?

The youth is today at the crossroads, and things can go either way, there is social unrest, and many changes are happening. But I have also seen today's youth is politically much much more aware they are not scared of politics, a lot of young people are entering politics which is a very good sign. Till our generation, it was like politics is a dirty business and why should we go into politics and why should we even vote. Those things are changing. I'm confident about the future in the long run. Near future I think is full of struggle for everyone as long as the society is struggling and fighting that means they are aware of their rights.

What does Republic Day stand for you?

 For me, if you want to celebrate Republic Day celebrate your Republic and constitution every day, fight for your fundamental rights and for fellow citizens who are not capable of fighting back because they are not so privileged, fight for good, fight for them. That's how you celebrate Republic Day, and only then you deserve to celebrate a Republic Day.

Don't let it just become a symbolism,  where you have a parade, you see tanks, and planes, and jawans, on Rajpath, and jhankis on Rajpath. No that's not what Republic Day is all about. Republic Day is when we adopted our constitution. Remember that, fight for your constitution.

Currently, Sushant Singh is garnering accolades for his role in Jeet Ki Zid as he essays the role of a commanding officer to Deep Singh (Amit Sadh). Sushant portrays Ranjeet Chowdhary, a tough individual who has zero-tolerance for any other conversational topics outside of the shop.