Model-turned-actor and now entrepreneur, Sherlyn Chopra is known for her titillating pictures and sexy videos on social media platforms. Sherlyn has managed to stay in the limelight for close to two decades. From being the first Indian to grace the cover of Playboy to garnering accolades for her acting prowess in film and TV, she has done it all.

The unabashed, unfiltered actor has never shied away from voicing her opinions on social media platforms. A few days ago, Sherlyn Chopra opened up about the sexual harassment she faced in 2005. Without mincing words, Sherlyn Tweeted about filmmaker Sajid Khan and how Sajid during their first meet allegedly "took his penis out of his pants" and asked her to feel.

Her statements and reply on social media have stoked many controversies; netizens are quizzing Sherlyn as to why didn't she take any concrete action against the filmmakers immediately and so forth.

In an exclusive tete-a-tete with IBTimes India,  Sherlyn Chopra recalls the 2005 horrifying incident with Sajid Khan, shared why she didn't complain then, opens up on casting couch in Bollywood and more.

Excerpts from the explosive interview 

Sajid Khan and Sherlyn Chopra

How was 2020 for you?

I had launched my streaming platform, Redsher in July 2020. Although the year was highly challenging, it turned out to be a great teacher in ways more than one!

You said that you met Sajid Khan in 2005 and alleged that he took out his penis and told you to feel it. What did you do then?

I was highly shocked and embarrassed at the time to react! I had somehow managed by the grace of the almighty to get out of his apartment!

[Check out the screenshots of the Tweets, where Sherlyn wrote about her first encounter with Sajid]

Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn Chopra

Why didn't you complain about his behaviour?

I was totally new to the city of Mumbai and to Bollywood. What do you expect a new comer to do? Just a few days prior to the unfortunate meeting, I had lost my father who was my mentor and my support system. I was too scared and ashamed to share the details of the shameful event with my family, let alone the cops!

Sajid Khan

How did you meet filmmaker Sajid?

I had sent him a message to express my desire of showcasing my portfolio photos to him with the objective of working as an actor in his films. He had asked me to meet him.

MeToo is very much relevant, and a lot of them get away with this? What do you have to say?

It's considered acceptable until it happens to their own. Such is their prejudicial mindset!

You have come a long way, did you ever meet him (Sajid) after that?


Do you feel Bollywood biggies are the reason why many people get away?

Such repeat offenders should be boycotted from Bollywood.

Sherlyn Chopra

Have you been a victim of casting couch? How did you tackle it?

When I was a new comer, I would often be called for 'dinner meetings' by filmmakers. It took me a while to understand the real meaning of 'dinner' in Bollywood. Ever since I realised the hidden agenda behind 'dinner meetings', I would very smartly inform the filmmakers that I wasn't a dinner person.