Top 7 getaways from the usual New Year's Eve party scenes.Instagram/Ishita Jain, Justin Viiret, raphaelpleyel | Facebook/Anil Singh.

The big holiday weekend leading to 2018 is almost upon us, and while preparations are in full swing, how about you take a break from the usual plans?

There are people who'd rather get lost in the calm and peace of some remote road not travelled enough, and there's a solid reason behind their preference.

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Just take a look at these beautiful — practically out of the world — locations. For a second they seem too good to be true, but worry not. From the backwaters of rusticity in Kabeni to the breathtaking aura of the Northern Lights, here are seven places you can absolutely immerse yourself in instead of the typical party scenes every holiday season.

1. Havloc Islands

From mysterious silver sands to the striking contrast of the turquoise waters – this is a dream destination for loving couples to hide out from the world's party craze during the holiday season.

It offers you privacy and pampers you with just the right kind of year-end relaxation you've been craving. Located in Andaman, this island promises unique corals and scuba-diving activities.

2. Gulmarg


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A vibrant meadow of flowers that will keep you intoxicated in the aroma of the flora the place abounds with – Gulmarg is more like a poetic dream come true.

Located in the Pirapanjal range of the Western Himalayas, this is another major attraction from the state of Jammu.

The amber glow of the street lights upon the snow-capped pine trees is something that no party can even compare to!

3. Kabini

Tribal life? Check. Wildlife? Check. Red earth? Check. This place is pretty much a beacon of rusticity in today's urbanised concrete-jungle-filled world.

If you want to lose yourself and connect back to the golden days when things were simple, you need to experience the enchanting scenery located in the backwaters of the Kabini Dam, Mysore. Pure bliss!

4. Jaisalmer

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Want to experience what it feels like being the king of endless sandcastles? This is the place to be.

From magnificent forts to camel rides and the rich, vibrant culture – there's a lot to do, but at your own relaxed pace.

The best part are the campsites in the middle of the Thar desert. Indulge in the cuisine under the twinkle of stars. What more could you ask for?

5. Sea of Stars, Maldives

The crystal blue waters of the Vaadhoo islands, Maldives, turn even better at night, caused by a natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence.

Microorganisms in the water are disturbed by oxygen, resulting in a glittering and sparkling sea water. The waves crashing on the beach makes the water glow in the dark, which mirrors the starlit sky above.

6. Nothern Lights, Alaska

Alaska brags of bright dancing lights of the horizon — also known as the Aurora Borealis — that can be seen etched upon the sky as a result of collisions between electrically charged particles from the Sun that enter the earth's atmosphere.

Enjoy the clear, cloudless skies between 5pm to 2am in a vibrant getaway from the artificial lights of the city.

7. The 7-coloured earth of Chamarel, Mautitius

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Surrounded by a luxurious tropical forest, this place is an expanse of multicoloured land swirled together, resulting from a unique volcanic, geological phenomenon.

Rainbows in the sky are a common thing, but if you're in the mood for some on-ground rainbow display, this is the place.