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Are you tempted to earn some quick money while living one of your dreams? The idea of the two happening together sounds impossible and unreal but Cancun might have just the best offer for you. All you need is a knack for documenting every breathing moment of your life and exploring new cultures.

This particularly dreamy job offer from is all about paying one to go live in Cancun. You read it right – just go live there and document your travel diaries to promote Cancum tourism. Sounds like no job could ever compete against this one, right? Agreed!

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The website for Cancun is all set to hire a new CEO aka Cancun Experience Officer whose task will be to represent the vibrant spirit of Cancun and all of its aesthetics, as well as to promote the Mexican destination along with the Maya and Yucatan Peninsula.

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It gets better. They are also offering to pay $10,000 (£7,612) a month. The post requires someone who will stick to the post for six months, so basically after half a year, your total earning will surmount to $60,000 (£45,672).

And if you think this alone is awesome enough to quit your job, pack your bags and just leave for the destination right away, wait till you hear what you have to do to earn all that money.

It's simple. No degrees, no prior experience required – just a passport and an avid interest to document everything on social media. As the website claims, you have to be an "outgoing, authentic, and dynamic individual" – the ideals that uphold all that Cancun is about.

And when they say documenting, they mean both in text and pixels – that is, you have to write about it in extensive details as well as post pictures and videos of you diving into their food, culture, activities and much more.

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So gear up your writing skills and some basic photography too. Make yourself super Instagram savvy and get ready to explore Cancun's hotels, indulge in the cuisine, swim with its deep sea creatures and get lost in the jungle that the place boasts of.

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One of the mandatory criteria happens to be the ability to live in Cancun between March and August 2018. For all those eager to apply, a one minute video about why you're the best candidate for the job is required to be uploaded to, by December 17.

Once uploaded to the official website, they will be open to voting so people can choose their favourite. Post December 25, the top 100 will be selected by a panel. These 100 will go through the second round of video submission and voting process until a winner is announced.