Kung Fu

Mention Kung-Fu and the first thing that comes to your mind are the movies of Bruce Lee. In popular imagination, both in India and the West, this form of martial art belongs to China. People imagine ancient masters with long white beards teaching their young wards the secrets of this art in remote hilly groves.

But the roots of this magnificent combat technique lie not in the Middle Kingdom but South India. It was the famous Indian Buddhist saint Bodhidharma who took the knowledge of Kalaripayattu (the martial art that still flourishes in Kerela) along with teachings of Buddhism to China. There it evolved into the well-known form of Kung-Fu.

Now, an effort is being made to popularize the game in India as well as in neighbouring countries. It is with this intent, as well as to promote talent from this region, that a four-nation Kung-Fu international tournament is being organised that will feature India, China, Nepal and Russia.

On June 30, the executive committee of the organising body for Four Nation Goodwill Kung-Fu Championship 2019, as the tournament will be called, held a meeting at the UP Bhawan in Delhi. In this, the second meeting of the committee, the plans and preparation for this event were discussed. The meeting was chaired by Major General Dilawar Singh of the Kung-Fu Federation of India.

It was decided that there should be a focus on creating awareness about Kung Fu and its Indian roots. People should also be made more acquainted with the history of this art. Apart from this, there was another important decision taken at this meet. The National and International Championships of the sport will also take place this year, in the month of November. All four nations that will participate in the Four Nation tournament will also be present in the International Championships in November.

This tournament could well stimulate a much greater interest among the people of India in this sport and inspire a new generation of Kung-Fu talent. Let's hope that Indians come to see this art as their own and not an exotic Chinese import.