Karisma Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Kapur

Over the years, we have seen many influential Bollywood celeb marriages crashing down. From Malaika Arora – Arbaaz Khan, Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan to Aditya Chopra and Payal Khanna. With each marriage that takes a tumble, our faith and believe in the institution of marriages shakes up. One such divorce, which gave us a massive jolt was that of Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur.

Business tycoon Sanjay Kapur tied the knot with popular Bollywood A-lister Karisma Kapoor in 2003. A few years after her engagement with Abhishek Bachchan had been called off. However, within few years of their marriage, rumours of an apparent crack in their marital bliss had started making rounds.

Both the parties had levelled some serious allegations and accusations on each other. Karisma even lodged an FIR over domestic abuse. As per a report in TOI, the complaint spoke in detail about how Sanjay Kapur made her go through physical and mental torture. In one of her complaints, Karisma had written, "Even before our wedding his father made my mother cry and I immediately said that if his family could behave in this manner with a woman, the family could do anything in the future and I made up my mind to call off the wedding. Sadly, better sense did not prevail and I was again fraudulently convinced by Sanjay and his family that the incident was one-off."

Stating another instance, Karisma had written that she was left embarrassed when her husband told her that he was calculating her net worth in terms of wealth with his brother-in-law. Recalling more such incidents, Kapoor had written that once when she was unable to fit into a dress right after her pregnancy, which her mother-in-law wanted her to wear and then in anger Sanjay Kapur had asked his mother to slap her.

"I also realised that he had married me only as I was a famous and successful film star which would facilitate him to be reported in the press. It came as a surprise that he always wanted to be known in public and be famous, but since he never did any deed worth mentioning, he was not able to garner any attention. Hence, the ulterior plan was to flaunt me as his trophy wife in the elitist social circle in Delhi where he was trying to gain prominence at that time."