time travel
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The concept of time travel has been baffling scientists for many years, but until now, the time traveling possibility still remains a hypothesis, as humans are unable to travel above the speed of light. However, several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that time travel was already made possible, that too, before seventy years during the time of World War 2. To substantiate their views, conspiracy theorists argue that the Philadelphia Experiment conducted by the United States military is a solid proof of accomplished time travel.

People who believe in this conspiracy theory claim that the alleged Philadephia Experiment conducted during the 1940s was aimed at teleporting an entire ship, and they argue that the attempt was completely successful. Even though the United States military forces have continuously denied conducting such an experiment, conspiracy theorists blame the authorities for intentionally covering up the secrets fearing potential repercussions.

It should be also noted that the alleged experiment which has inspired many movies was apparently conducted with the help of top scientists in that era. Several people, even in the 21st century believe that scientists at the United States hid a gigantic warship, the USS Elridge for a brief period of time.

Realities of time travel stranger than fiction?

It was in the 1990s that stories surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment stormed all across the world. The story came to limelight when Alfred Bielek, a self-proclaimed former crew-member of USS Eldridge revealed that the alleged time travel experiment was a reality.

As Alfred Bielek's claims went viral online, the United States authorities dismissed his claims. However, Alfred Bielek's narrative was so intriguing, and his statements were historically accurate which made many people believe that Bielek's testimonials are true.

Alfred Bielek revealed that the alleged Philadelphia Experiment was conducted by the US military on the verge of overtaking Germany's dominance in the world. As per Alfred Bielek, during the 1930s, the United States military tried to develop an electromagnetic weapon which was aimed at making an entire warship invisible. The primary aim of the experiment was to cloak warships so that the enemy military will not note the presence. In the initial stages of the research, top-rated scientists of that era including Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were part of that research.

time travel
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When Albert Einstein developed electromagnetic coils on a ship to degauss the ship, Nikola Tesla, using this new technique successfully cloaked a small boat for a few minutes. However, Tesla was soon expelled from the project, as he apparently failed to cloak big ships. Some other conspiracy theorists argue that Nikola Tesla had intentionally walked away from the project after understanding the hidden danger associated with this experiment.

As Tesla walked out of the project, the United States government asked Dr. John von Neumann to conduct the experiment. Using techniques developed by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, the team of researchers led by Neumann made USS Elridge invisible for a few minutes. When the initial research became successful, Neumann realized that this experiment is capable of changing all the conventional concepts associated with 'time'.

Later, the team decided to conduct the experiment with a crew of humans on board USS Elridge, and the outcome was pure bloodshed.

Neumann conducted experiment without Tesla's consent?

Several conspiracy theorists argue that Nikola Tesla had asked Neumann not to conduct this experiment, and he even tried to make him realize the possible repercussions. However, the United States Navy and John von Neumann were not ready to back out, and they continued planning the human missions. The navy team also trained a team of crew members to become a part of this experimental project.

And finally, in October 1943, the team conducted the test, and surprisingly, the ship disappeared for several hours. During this time of disappearance, the gigantic US warship traveled across time, and it later reappeared back. But the most dreaded fate happened to the humans who were on board the time-traveled ship. As per Alfred Bielek, most of the sailors were in ill, and many of them were molecularly bonded in the ship.

What happened to USS Elridge?

As per Bielek, USS Elridge traveled across time, and during this course, Bielek and his brother jumped off the ship and reached 1983, where Montauk project was being conducted.

Beilek added that the Montauk Project was also a secret experiment which was going on in Long Island, and US researchers were busy developing time-travel techniques. As per Bielek, humans are living in a five-dimensional reality, and time can be considered the fourth and fifth dimension.

So, what was actually the Montauk Project? International Business Times, India will reveal more details about this alleged secret experiment next week.

Will time travel happen anytime?

Even though science has not yet proved the possibility of time travel, several experts including Stephen Hawking believed that humans may travel across time one day or the other. In Stephen Hawking's final book, 'Brief Answers to the Big Questions', Hawking revealed that the possibility of time travel is more likely than the existence of God.

Hawking strongly believed that the universe may contain seven hidden dimensions apart from the known four dimensions including space and time.

In the meantime, conspiracy theory YouTube channels like Apex TV have been continuously uploading videos that feature time travelers over the past few months. But many skeptics believe that these are all fabricated clips to garner views on YouTube.