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Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that the US Air Force has developed an anti-gravity vessel named 'TR-3B' during the time of Gulf War. As per these theorists, the triangular UFO which many people have spotted in the skies is actually the alleged TR-3B which the US military is using for spying other countries.

Now, a whistleblower has claimed that the United States has mastered the technology of making anti-gravity vessels using alien technology for many years, and this information has been kept under the wraps from the general public, Disclose.tv reports.

Whistleblower's astonishing claims

The whistleblower who wished to stay anonymous due to security reasons revealed that he came to know about this secret technology when he was working with the RCA. The anonymous whistleblower claimed that he read an office memo which described how one of the technicians in the company successfully tested an anti-gravity vehicle. The memo also hinted some details about how this new technology can be used for the creation of 'free energy'.

When the whistleblower asked for more information regarding this milestone technology, he was given the reply that the memo was incorrect and all the experiments to develop anti-gravity vessels have failed.

Did Nikola Tesla build an anti-gravity vessel?

Many conspiracy theorists have previously claimed that Nikola Tesla, the legendary Serbian-American inventor had developed a prototype of an anti-gravity flying vessel. These people also argued that Tesla's notebooks and handwritten papers of building an anti-gravity vessel were seized by FBI soon after the scientist's death.

Triangular UFO sightings everywhere

Triangular UFO sightings have been hovering in the skies of the United States and the United Kingdom for the past many years. However, a few days ago, a similar craft appeared in the skies of the North Korean border for the first time ever in history. As the video of the sighting went viral, conspiracy theorists started arguing that the craft spotted in the sky is actually TR-3B, and it is being used there to spy the nuclear activities of North Korea.