mother killed three year old son
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A three-year-old kid has died in Aluva, Kerala after he was beaten up by his mother. Doctors revealed that a deep injury in the brain of the kid was the cause of death. Police on Thursday arrested the mother of the kid for causing severe injuries to the boy, including the fatal one in the brain.

The deceased kid had undergone treatment at the Rajagiri hospital for two days before succumbing to his brain injury, said the medical team that tried to save the life of the kid. Even a team of neurologists had been roped in to perform a surgical procedure in the kid's brain, but they were unable to control the bleeding.

The medical bulletin released by the medical board too revealed that the condition of the kid was very critical. Finally on Thursday morning, the condition of the kid worsened again and finally, he took his last breath.

Police officials said the mother, who hails from West Bengal, has confessed to the crime and the investigation is now progressing steadily.

The news of the kid's death came just a few days after a seven-year-old boy was beaten to death by a stepfather. This kid had also several injuries on the brain, and after battling death for hours, he succumbed to injuries.

These two incidents which happened within one week have shocked people in Kerala and the  social media platforms are abuzz with reactions and urging authorities to take strict actions against the culprits. Some netizens have claimed that Kerala, known as "God's Own Country" is turning into a "Devil's Own Country." 

mother killed three year old son
mother killed three year old son

People are also urging media outlets to reveal the name and photo of the mother who brutally killed her own son. As per these people, loopholes that prevail in the Indian Penal Code are behind its failure to stop people from committing such severe crimes without any hesitation.