Selfie taking can become fatal if done from great heights and on uneven surfaces- Representational imageCreative Commons

Three teenage students drowned in a lake while trying to get a good picture. The students were part of a class of 50 who were on an NSS camp. The incident happened in the Nijagalkere lake outside Bengaluru.

The students were all part of the Siddaganga Pre-University College in Tumkur and were taking part in the camp at Dobbespet, notes a report by the Times of India. The deceased were all aged between 16 and 17. The boys reportedly visited the Siddeshwara shrine in the vicinity as part of their camp.

The boys wanted to get a good selfie at the lake, notes the report. In the process, one of the boys tripped and drowned. The other two jumped into the water in an attempt to save their friend but wound up drowning as well. Their bodies have been recovered, notes the report.

Occurrences such as these have, sadly, become commonplace in India. An Independent report from July 2017 points out that over the last two years, India has witnessed about 60 percent of the world's selfie deaths. The report went on to mention that there are places that the government has proposed to make "selfie-free points" because of the potential danger of the spots and possibility of grievous injury.