In a bid to get better and exclusive pictures, paparazzi often crosses the line. From jumping in front of cars to sneaking under the gate, we have often seen shutterbugs risking their life for that one click. And while many a times they go scott free, there are times when they get reprimanded too. Something similar happened when Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor were visiting Kareena Kapoor – Saif Ali Khan's abode.

Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora
Arjun Kapoor, Malaika AroraInstagram

To get better pictures of the couple, one cameraperson jumped over the wall of the complex. Arjun Kapoor spotted him and gave him an earful. In a video that has now gone viral, Kapoor was seen schooling the pap for his actions. "This is wrong, ye galat hai", Arjun was seen telling him as he walked towards him.

The cameraperson then jumped off the wall and Arjun again said, "Idhar aao, idhar aao. O laal shirt wale. Idhar aao. Kyun darr ke bhaag rahe ho? (Come here, come here. O red shirt one. Come here. Why are you running away?)" Amid all this one of the paps asked Malaika Arora to pose and she happily waved. While returning from Saifeena's place, Arjun posed for the paps with a smile.

Unlike the birth of their firstborn, Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena and Saif have been keeping the birth of their second baby quite a guarded affair. The couple has neither shared pictures nor made any announcement on the arrival of the little one.

"Saif is very particular and finicky about the safety of his family and he has been almost panic stricken throughout these past months. Now, with the baby here, he has decided to stay indoors. That is why there are no catch-ups with family and friends happening like they were the last time," a Bollywoodlife report had quoted a source saying.

It is said that the duo has kept everything low-key and intimate affair this time due to the pandemic. The couple is quite worried about their baby and the exposure during these tough times.