Kapil Sharma Show
Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Archana Puran Singh share views on ouster of Sunil Grover from TKSS.Twitter

Kapil Sharma Show that currently has Kiku Sharda as one of the star performers apart from Kapil Sharma himself, and Archana Puran Singh as the special guest, has been doing pretty well these days. However, Sunil Grover's presence is still missed by a lot of fans, and probably by the makers of the show as well.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Kiku, Kapil and Archana shared their views on Sunil, previous guest Navjot Singh Sidhu, and some others' ouster from Kapil Sharma Show.

While neither of them said that they miss Sunil or any of the people who were once a part of the show, all of them asserted that the "changes" helped them and the show grow. Kapil specifically pointed out that he has learned a lot from his past mistakes, and he has become a more mature person.

"I truly believe life goes on. And the kind of positivity the show brings to so many around the world, you can't sit and pick one incident or one person, you need to see the totality, and make people laugh," said Kiku.

Expressing her views on the same question, Archana said, "Life means growth, and without change, there cannot be any growth. And that changes happen only when some ups and downs come. The show is touching heights because it underwent some changes. Some changes were good, some were bad, but as artists, we need to make a good show out of what we have. We cannot keep regretting things, as the show must go one".

When Kapil was asked to share his views, Kapil simply said he holds the same views as that of Archana. Talking about the bad phase he had faced when the show was at a setback, Kapil said that problems come in everyone's life, but all need to learn from the mistakes, and not repeat those.

He further said that earlier he used to reach instantly to certain situations, but now he has become mature enough to analyse things first, and then react accordingly.

Watch the interview below: