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It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This man has taken things too literally and mixed two "healthy" ingredients to come up with a pretty repulsive dish.

A Reddit user called Jeffery Russell shared a picture of a big bowl of chopped bananas mixed with — hold your breath — eggs. Yes, you read me right, banana with hard-boiled eggs.

He captioned it: "A friend took this pic of their coworker's breakfast."

This highly imaginative person used a perfectly ripe banana to make this "healthy" bowl with hard-boiled eggs, with the yolk inside.

The picture has garnered 442 comments on the website, and we must say people have been fascinated by this unique choice.

While one person said this pictures made him question his choices in life, another user joked that the person who made the breakfast was completely fed up with his New Year diet.

However, taste is a matter of personal preference, and, who knows, this dish probably doesn't taste that bad after all.

One thing everyone is extremely sure about is that this is an extremely healthy choice. While bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals, eggs are a great source of protein.

Having both these superfoods every day will improve digestion, skin conditions and keep cholesterol and heart disease under check.

But still, bananas with egg?