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We might still be a stranger to a lot of Christmas facts, but did you know that the timing you choose to open your Christmas presents determines certain traits of your personality?

Well, now you do. Apparently, opening Christmas presents at a certain time of the day makes you "vulgar".

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For parents of little toddlers and excited kids, the crack of the dawn is a siren enough to rise and shine, and tear through glossy paper wrapped presents. But for some, tearing through those tempting goods before the Queen's speech is considered disrespectful.

Each family is different and for years they have followed their own personal tradition when it comes to opening Christmas presents, but as it turns around – certain time slots for opening presents are held in higher esteem than others.

And talking about the lower levels of esteem, it is all the way down to be labelled "vulgar", as mentioned by Tatler magazine. Their experts seem to have weighed in on the matter, as they said: "Are you one of those families who open their presents before breakfast on Christmas Day?

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They followed their question up, explaining, "Oh dear. That's considered a bit vulgar and unbridled. Sorry, we didn't make the rules, it just is."

As unfair as it sounds to the families with young children who are both impatient and excited enough to not allow their parents a moment of rest until the presents have been opened , Tatler sticks to its statement saying it's just applicable to stocking fillers.

But when it comes to unwrapping presents, what one should be doing – in order to escape being labelled "vulgar" – is wait until after lunch, AND indulge in "a bracing walk" to carefully unwrap the gifts.

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"For presents under the tree it is generally considered more acceptable to wait until that lull between the morning church service and lunch," the elite man's Bible continued in their column about appropriate Christmas gift unwrapping etiquette.

"If you're very grand, you may even wait until after lunch and a bracing walk, but this also requires you to have children with the self-control of an ancient yogi."

So, the real question remaining in the end is – by Tatler's definition – how many of you have been "vulgar" during Christmas this year?