Mud crabPixabay

Weird, funny, smart - animals can be any of those things and if caught on tape, they became a sensation. Funny cat and dog videos are an all-time favorite for netizens just browsing through the internet for some golden moments. But the world is full of surprises and one good example is a crab. It's one of those moments no one would have believed had it not been caught on tape. Lucky for you, someone captured this priceless moment and there's no way to unsee it.

Would you believe if we told you a crab was smoking a cigarette and moonwalking away in its finest swag? We wouldn't either. But don't limit your imaginations is the lesson everyone can learn today as a video shared on social media shows a crab smoking a cigarette.

The smoking crab

A video shared by a user on Twitter shows a tiny mud crab, which is commonly found in coastal Indian regions, smoking a cigarette bud. The crab holds the bud in one of its claws and takes a puff , perfectly mimicking that of a person smoking.

The persons try to disturb the crab, but it moonwalks away while still holding the cigarette in its claw. The surprising act displayed by the crab is unforeseen.

IBTimes is not aware of the origin of the video and if the animal was harmed in any way during or after video. Watch the video below: