Pakistani groom's golden shoe
Pakistani groom's golden shoeTwitter

A Pakistani groom wore an exquisite gold suit along with gold shoes for his wedding reception and internet can't stop talking about it. 

The groom from Lahore, Hafiz Salman Shahid (as identified by Mangobaaz), wore the gold suit worth Pakistani Rs 63,000. The suit was embellished with expensive crystals that added another Rs 16,000 to its value.

He completed his look with a gold tie and gold shoes. His gold tie was made of 10 tolas [1 tola = 11.33980925 grams] of gold. And, its price will also make your jaw drop as it costs Rs 5 lakhs in Pakistani currency.

His gold shoes worth Rs 17 lakhs in Pakistani currency were made of 32 tolas of gold. (Yes, you read it right!)

According to, Hafeez, whose pictures went viral on various social media websites, was reportedly escorted by security guards at the reception. He is also dubbed as the "Golden Groom".

Asked about his gaudy suit, Hafiz reportedly said, "I always wanted to wear gold shoes. People wear it around their neck or as a crown. I wanted to tell people that wealth is like the dirt on your feet, it should stay there."

The report also added that Hafiz is the only brother of seven sisters. So, his parents wanted to fulfill all their wishes because he is their only son.