PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile, popularly referred to as PUBG Mobile, needs no introduction as it has become one of the most popular battle royale games online. With every new update, players get an adrenaline rush as Tencent Games brings exciting new features. But the latest PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0 beta is showing a new Arcade mode, which is by far the most exciting one we've ever seen.

PUBG Mobile had recently introduced Hardcore mode for a limited period, which challenged players' senses without visual cues on approaching enemies and the direction of the gunshots. But the beta version of PUBG Mobile's next big update shows new Monster Hunting mode that is easily the best Arcade mode so far.

In the new mode, players will be fighting monsters and dragons for loot. Statues of mythical creature-like monsters can be found around the map, which players need to activate by getting close. In addition, YouTuber Ray Lagarto shared a video of the said Monster Hunting mode in PUBG Mobile that'll surely get you excited for more action.

The video shows tiny monster statues, which are easily killed once activated for some worthy loot. Using a Flare Gun also summons a monster of a bigger size, which gives rare items usually found in airdrops. Finally, the video shows a massive monster that's taking many hits from different guns and still surviving and causing damage to the players through radiation balls.

PUBG Mobile's Monster Hunting mode
PUBG Mobile's Monster Hunting modeYouTube screenshot

The overall gameplay of Monster Hunting mode looks pretty cool and challenging – not to mention a refreshing addition to the last-man-standing-wins-all concept of the game. Before you start jumping in joy that the Monster Hunting mode will arrive in the game once the beta tests conclude, be prepared for some disappointment.

PUBG Mobile's Monster Hunting mode is in celebration of Chinese New Year, which falls on February 5. While it is natural to expect PUBG Mobile 0.13 update arrive before or on that day, the Monster Hunting mode will only be available on the Chinese servers. This means, if you're based anywhere out of China, the special monster-hunting mode won't be accessible.

Of course, it is up to the developers to bring the Monster Hunting mode to other countries, including India, where the popularity of PUBG Mobile has skyrocketed, don't get your expectations too high.

But it's not all disappointment for PUBG Mobile players outside of China. As we reported earlier, PUBG Mobile is going to bring a new update to the game in India and other countries, which will include a new zombie mode. There have been hints like black blood stains on walls and corpses lying around shores across Erangel map, suggesting zombies' imminent arrival.

PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5 is expected to go live on January 20, which will confirm the arrival of zombie mode, new weapons, vehicles and a stable Vikendi map. This should surely keep the energy high among PUBG Mobile players while developers decide on whether or not to bring the Monster Hunting mode.