Who doesn't dream of around the world trip? If that has been your desire, but the lockdown has bodged your plans and all that cash is just itching to be spent elsewhere, there's a highly unlikely place you could be spending all that at once. It's not a place per se, but an actual thing that could take you higher than 35,000 feet from the comfort of your home. Puzzled? Well, you won't be by the end of this article.

Luxury has no bounds - from extravagant watches to supercars and yachts, people have found ways to spend their riches. But the rarity of an item is what attracts the affluents. Be it an antique painting, a rare diamond, or a fine bottle of vintage scotch, it all depends on the taste. But what if one has a liking towards weed and piling up those kgs of the stash is just isn't satisfactory anymore. You shall not be disappointed!

Cannagar (Cannabis Cigar) that costs a fortune

24K gold cannabis cigar
24K gold cannabis cigarLeira

It may be a fortune to many, but money well-spent for those who value a good, well-nourished and nurtured cannagar, which is the term for cannabis cigar. We've heard of cigars fetch thousands of dollars, but wait till you hear about the most expensive cannagars.

So if you're willing to trade your RTW or round the world trip with your loved one for a good cozy time by yourself in your luxurious mansion, a full ounce of top-shelf weed wrapped in a 24-karat gold leaf and peppered with 98 percent pure THC crystals is waiting to be yours.

24K gold cannabis cigar
24K gold cannabis cigar - 2ChainzLeira

Called The Scepter, this luxury item is a 1 ounce 24k gold leaf wrapped cannabis cigar that features smokeable THCA diamonds that indicate when the strains change as you burn through it. Now, Leira Cannagars made a custom box for this one-of-a-kind weed cigar for 2 Chainz who smoked it during a show on Vice.

The special box even has a dog imprinted on the glass, which is his sidekick Trappy, as per the cigar makers. Leira puts the value of The Scepter at $50,000 - which is more than an RTW trip, which can easily cost around $25,000 for a year-long holiday. So at the cost of The Scepter, you could be away with your better half on a year-long vacation exploring the corners of the world or tripping over the walls of your bedroom, which probably has some of your favorite paintings costing much more than the very cigar you are smoking.

Wondering what makes the Scepter so damn expensive? Check out the simplified list of fascinating things below:

  • Cured in a cold room for over a year
  • A full-ounce cannabis cigar wrapped with a 24-karat gold leaf
  • THCA diamonds indicate when the strains change
  • Layered strains with rosin made with ice and clean water
  • Has the highest caliber of cannabis

24K gold cannabis cigar

24K gold cannabis cigar
24K gold cannabis cigarLeira

2 Chainz is not the only one to have tasted this cigar. Other versions of 24K gold cannagars, with the going rate for them being $1,000, have been made and sold to people with deep pockets. We cannot tell you how high it can get you, but we are certain it's a lot higher than the joint you rolled in the anticipation of smoking it one day.