Coronavirus lockdown has people on the low and a little bit of high won't do any harm. Marijuana is considered legal in many countries, but it is still considered a taboo in India. Not just that, the "magical" herb is illegal in the country. But that's not the reason to start backpacking to Ibiza as you can still find some weed, or versions of it, in some parts of India and you won't be busted trying to buy it.

Due to the lockdown, not just interstate traveling is banned, but even these so-called places selling "Mary J" are shut. But at least, your quest to find a legal source for buying weed isn't all waste. Knowledge is power and once the lockdown is lifted and the whole coronavirus crisis blows over, you know where you can go to fulfill your cravings.

We are talking about buying pot that you can actually smoke, but the legal version of it, like the famous bhang or weed cookies and sweets. The high is likely the same - minus all the efforts.

Let's start with some familiar places that legally sell marijuana in India:


If you live in Delhi or in Noida itself, your trip will be a short one. Just head to Sector 15 and you'll find a government-approved bhang shop in the Nayaban area of Noida. What makes this visit exciting is that you can pick a bhang tablet for Rs 5 and get cookies, lassis, pakoras, thandais - all with the hint of bhang.

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If you've been to Hampi, you won't be surprised to see this city make it to the list. There are cafes that sell green lassi, and green is the code for cannabis leaves. Ravi's rooftop cafe is one of the spots to get the green lassi in this southern part of the country.


"Mathura ke pede" are famous, but it is also the place to get some really good bhang. Head over to Manoharpura in Mathura to get your dose of their special bhang, and tablets.


Just near the Assi Ghat is a cozy little Green Lassi Corner, which serves than dais and lassis - both intended to get you high.

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Jaisalmer or "The Golden City" in Rajasthan is by far the most recognizable place for bhangs. For starters, it is in Rajasthan and then there's this govt. authorized bhang shop near Khejer Pera Fort, which serves everything from bhang chocolates to sweets, and buttermilk to cookies.


While you're exploring Rajasthan, Pushkar is the place to be. Even when it's not the Pushkar fair season. This place has some welcoming cafes to serve you edible marijuana. The Pro Shammu Bhai's rooftop cafe in Choti Basti is a place you must check out while exploring this beautiful city.