Family life
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Yes, amid all the bad things, this planet still has some goodness left. Ask Md Sayeed, a 26-year-old auto-rickshaw driver from Versova suburb in Mumbai. The man is a real fighter as he takes his two-year-old son during his trip the entire day to run his family.

Sometimes, his tender son falls asleep while accompanying his father and the man holds his sleeping son in his arms and drives the vehicle. And he has to put up this strong fight against destiny because Yasmin, his wife and the mother of the child, has become paralysed after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. 

Sometimes, Sayeed even fails to get passengers because nobody wants to get into his auto-rickshaw seeing the son lying on his lap. He said there are days when he returns without earning a single penny. But as a family head, it becomes intolerable for him to see his loved ones starve.

The couple has two children and while Sayeed takes his son with him to work everyday, the younger one -- a three-month-old girl -- is left with the neighbour to be taken care of. The braveheart family's fight came out in the open after film director Vinod Kapri tweeted a photo of the man along with his phone number and appealed everybody to help him.

Since Kapri's initiative for which he himself was also praised by many, Sayeed has got several calls from individuals as well as NGOs with an extended hand of help. The story was covered by several media houses in India as well from abroad.

Kapri also tweeted the bank account details of Sayeed, who did not forget to thank the former for his help. Anybody willing to help Sayeed can see the details here:

According to some reports, Sayeed is not even aware how much help he has received since he has not gone to the bank yet. Some doctors have reportedly said that they would treat Yasmin for free and the man, who is a firm believer in faith, said that he has received the help from people since he has never done anything wrong to anybody.