Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt

Karan Johar's most awaited and much-hyped Kalank crashed at the theatres the way an engineless plane would. Kalank started off with a terrific opening day box office collection but started to crumble at the commercial circuits from the second day itself.

Recently, at the Jio MAMI Movie Mela with Star, 2019, Alia Bhatt opened about how she dealt with the whole failure. She said, "Strangely, I was really ok the day it happened. I had seen the film a day before and I knew in my head what was going to happen. Though I didn't think it will be going to be hit by a truck. Later on when I thought about it, what really broke my heart was that I always in my head had this idea that if you work really hard, it'll always pay-off. But it didn't. That felt scary."

Alia further added that it was beau Ranbir Kapoor who made her understand the failure and take it in her stride. She said, "He said, you put in the hard work, it doesn't have to pay-off immediately. It'll pay off in your life, someday. That's what it means to be a hardworking actor or a person. Someday the goodness will come to you in another film."

Earlier, Varun Dhawan had also opened up about the failure of the film saying, "Making a film is a team effort. It's wrong to blame it on the director and producer. And being a part of the team, I will take part of the blame as well. The film did let down people. We have collectively gone through why it didn't work. Personally, it (failure) was important. I wanted the failure to affect me because if it doesn't, then that means I don't love my work."

"To me, when Kalank fails, it is my failure. I'm the older one, I'm the wiser one. I'm the more knowledgeable person about what works and what doesn't. If the film has faltered, it is largely my responsibility and my blame. Of course, no one person can take the blame, but I choose to because I felt that the material was something I was aware of for not one year but 15 years," Karan Johar had told DNA.