r India Vikram Jadhav
r India Vikram Jadhav

Vikram R Jadhav is not a professional bodybuilder and model, but he is also serving poor people. He is doing several humanitarian work through his charity house named VJ Army.

The Professional bodybuilder and model Vikram R Jadhav who hails from Aurangabad, Maharashtra has become a role model for a lot of people. Many people may think it is because of his fantastic body and success that he has, but here the reason is pretty different.

He has been so active in helping the poor and underprivileged of society. Vikram Jadhav started a donation group by the name "VJ Army" to serve the needy and helpless people. His donation group collects money from the members and serve food to the hungry people on the streets and also donate blankets and other warm clothes in the winder by roaming around the streets.

Started by just one person himself today VJ Army has vast numbers of volunteers and members who regularly donate and serve for this fantastic social purpose. Currently, it is spreading in all over the Maharashtra state, and they also work in places like Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir.

Vikram Jadhav's small initiative has become a big organisation that helps the poor people of the country. Not only do they provide food and clothes, but they also offer medical service to the needy those who cannot afford the medical expenses. Vikram himself bears the costs from his pocket for the medical services of the poor.

Vikram Jadhav, who hails from a middle-class family, knows what it is like to survive in the world with no money. Even he had faced many problems in his past because of the financial issues. He has seen the struggles and been through it, and that is why he wants to help the needy and poor.

Mr India hopes that his initiative VJ Army to spread all across the country and help the underprivileged. His kind gesture and his humanitarian work are inspiring for so many, and we hope that he keeps on working like that for the betterment and spreading positivity around the world.