Dallas McCarver, the boyfriend of WWE Diva Dana Brooke, died early hours of Tuesday morning in his home in Florida. The 26-year-old well-known bodybuilder fell unconscious after reportedly getting choked on food.

Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, is also a bodybuilder and a pro wrestler. She had been dating Dallas for some years. The WWE star, who is a part of Monday Night Raw, is now possibly going to take some time off from her job as she wants to look after the Dallas McCarver Foundation, helping under privileged children.

Brooke revealed that her partner, who finished 8th at the My Olympia competition 2016, had an undying love for children and wanted to do something major for them.

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Wikimedia Commons / Miguel Discart from Bruxelles, Belgique

She took to Instagram to post a hearfelt message about Dallas:

"So here it goes, I'll try & be short-- aug 22 the lord received another angel, who happens 2 be my LIFE - MY Dallas the one WHO ONLY UNDERSTOOD ME! [sic]

"I can speak on the behalf of his family-- the love and support you all are showing for him & us is OVERWHELMING!! Dallas would always tell me "just keep swimming his little pengutimous (hippo mixed with penguin)" he would tell everyone the same -- just keep swimming, keep moving through life and he will be your angel above!! [sic]

"He had a way with making people laugh!! Dallas was an exceptional body builder, but I didn't see him for that .. I saw him for HIM AND HIS HEART!! He is the best individual I have ever met-- my ying to my yang.. finished my sentences and knew what I was thinking before I'd say it!! [sic]

"We had it all figured out - new WWE superstar "Big country" & "country strong" mixed tag team!!! -- you were my life , you are my life, I still smell u and feel ur presence, NEVER LEAVE MY SIDE -- like I have always asked; and u said NO NEVER Mrs. McCarver -- I had your back and I knew you had mine!! [sic]

"Your our angel-- STAYED TUNED FOR A NONPROFIT I have started -- and as well as a memorial service as details will be out soon!" [sic]

 The Dallas McCarver Foundation, and a GoFundMe campaign have been set up in his honor to raise funds for food, clothing, toiletries, books, and school supplies for deserving children.

In less than a day, over $15K has been raised.

More about Dana Brooke

Real name: Ashley Mae Sebera.

Born: November 29, 1988 in Ohio, US.

Signed WWE contract: June 2013.

Main roster debut: May 2016, as an ally of Emma, assaulting Becky Lynch.