Baba Bhaskar in Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Baba Bhaskar in Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of hotstar video

Baba Bhaskar has a massive fan following for himself with his stint on Bigg Boss Telugu 3. This contestant's fans are leaving no stone unturned to make him the winner of Akkineni Nagarjuna's show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has inched closer to its grand finale, which is held on Saturday and Sunday. Baba Bhaskar is vying hands with the other top four contestants like Rahul Sipligunj, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh and Ali Reza to win the trophy. But the online voting trends show that he is lagging behind with a big margin, which has disheartened many of his fans.

Baba Bhaskar fans are running several campaigns to convince the viewers to vote for him. They say that he is the most honest, genuine, innocent, emotional and entertaining contestant in the house. He has entertained the audience with his healthy comedian throughout this season of Bigg Boss Telugu. He is not cunning and he does not back bitches or plays the sympathy cards to remain safe on the show.

They add that Baba Bhaskar has not only impressed the viewers with his jokes, but also with zeal to do tasks. He has a pure and child-like heart. But many misunderstood his all-rounder quality and called him Baba Masker, which has hurt him deeply. He has tried a few times to convince that he is neither a masker nor making strategies to win the show. He just wants to make his stay in the house entertaining.

Check out what fans are talking about Baba Bhaskar on Twitter.

❤ HONEST GIRL ❤ @BiggBossAddict

#BiggBossTelugu3 Super Star of the house Entertainer Fun Swag Most loved Honesty Energetic Feelings Wow all these are mentioned in #BabaBhaskar's video and they are completely true That's why he is the one who deserves to win this season

Peace 4 all @PeaceLo88818050

The AV of Baba is worth watching in repeat mode. He's very innocent. He holds no grudge against any HMs. He's the hero in tasks perfomances and good healthy comedian when it comes to entertainment. True all rounder of this season. Kudos to U #BabaBhaskar

Guna teja reddy @gunatejareddy

Baba bhaskar journey is like a real blockbuster journey. Really felt happy, emotional and finally great. I am happy that i am voting for a complete man. #BabaBhaskar #bigbosstelugu3

Anu @____anu_

#BabaBhaskar A kind man! His energy is unmatched. He's his own superstar His jokes,zeal to do tasks,expecting ppl to think his way and how he feels it's wrong to cry..all shows how pure he is at heart. He's not a masker. He's just a child living in a grown person #BiggBossTelugu3


An all rounder .. Perfect for #BiggBossTelugu3 title No backbitchings No cunning games No sympathy card Full positivity Complete entertainer Helping hand Most energetic in tasks Never tried in serving others Gentle n humble human being is worth is one n only #BabaBhaskar His jokes, zeal to do tasks, expecting ppl to think his way and how he feels it's wrong to cry..all shows how pure he is at heart. He's not a masker. He's just a child living in a grown person #BiggBossTelugu3

Lalitha @Lalitha12618607

I support #BabaBhaskar master... genuine personality.. who is same inside and outside.. the dedication he has towards work is so impressive and which made me to support him in #BiggBossTelugu3 And guys lets do realtime voting not in scooptimes.. #BabaBhaskarForTheWin #BabaBhaskar is the only contestant who took Positive and Negative tweets in the same way.. he didnt even gave explanation to those tweets.. he is happy with bith the feedback.. that is anger management and which he achieved with efforts.. #biggbosstelugu3

Venkata Muttineni @MynameisNanii

I seriously wonder how this man nailing the tasks, cooking the food nearly 100 days, no back biting, comedy timing #realkingBabaintofinale, I am blessed to watch pure soul in #Bigboss3telugu #bababhaskar he really seems like my dad, I wish I could be like him.