Sreemukhi and Naresh
Sreemukhi and NareshCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Actor Naresh was trolled for supporting Sreemukhi. Some viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 say that being the president of the Movie Artists Association (MAA), he should not campaign for one contestant.

The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 announced the top five contestants list on Sunday and one of them will walk out with the winner's trophy. The viewers are busy campaigning for their favourite contestants on social media. Some celebs extended their support to various housemates and requested their fans to vote for them. Dr Naresh VK is one of those celebs.

After seeing the finalist list of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Naresh took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to wish Sreemukhi, who is the only female in the top five contestants. The actor tweeted, "Firstly, Congratulating @MukhiSree for the Top 5. Your fair play, dedication, and commitment definitely deserve the Winning title. Keep going on. My support is for #Sreemukhi. #VoteforSreemukhi."

TV anchor Sreemukhi
TV anchor SreemukhiTwitter

Sreemukhi fans were all thrilled to see the support of Naresh, who is one of the most influential celebs with 54,600 followers on his Twitter page. In reply, they thanked him for campaigning for her. A fan with the Twitter handle @vrajs9 tweeted, "Thank you very very much Nareshgaru for supporting Sreemukhi. God bless you."

But many others were upset with Naresh's support to Sreemukhi. Some of them said that Rahul Sipligunj deserves the winner's title of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 better than her. A few said that all the five finalists are connected to the Telugu film industry one or the other way. Being the MAA president, he should support all of them, but should not campaign in favour of any one of them.

Here's how some Twitterati reacted to his tweet:

Mahesh A @Ursbadmahi_325

Being a MAA president how can you support only one contestant when all 5 are some what related with industry!? Ohh Monna Hema sreemukhi ki opposite ga matladinanduku nuvvu sreemukhi supporting aa!? Em union ra baabu meedi. RIDICULOUS!!!  #BiggBossTelugu3 #RahulSipligunj

Shivaaa @Shivaaa10

Worst Player so far in the bigboss, if she wins alsoo that is called recommendation win... first see all the episodes and then speak. She does nt desrve the title. Varun, Baba, Ali Rahul has woken up now suddenly frm the dreams, til last few epsiodes he is in his love track

 Muralidhar K  @muralia22

LOl . Fair play and dedication... Episodes chusara meeru.? Money teesukuni edi padite adi cheppakandi. Chala cheap ga vuntundi...

Nagabab Srinivas @Nagabab7_AA

Lol!!!.sreemukhi fair ga aadatam endhayya..she is a attention seeker and fake person in the house..

pawan fan @SandhyaSeela

Meeru mundu bigboss episodes choosi theesukuni ilanti cheap panulu enti.....

Gopi @_GTweets_

MAA nundi digipoyava? Dimpesaara? Only single person ke support chestunnav ani adiga?

Kishore Kumar reddy @Kishore92238910

Support koncham genuine ga undavalaku chayande medha maku chala respect undhi.....plzźzzz