Kangana Ranaut doesn't shy away from voicing her opinions. The actress has embroiled into controversies several times for speaking her mind and this time she has targeted one of the most popular web series in the current times, 'Mirzapur 2'.

The series is loved by fans and is a successful run on the OTT platform. The series shows extensive violence and crime that seems to be taken in a negative stride by many. 

Kangana took to her social media account to criticize the recently released 'Mirzapur 2'. The actress blamed Bollywood for showing criminals and dark characters not as villains but 'anti-heroes'. Kangana explained that this is the reason why lot of crimes happens in the country as many criminals committed these crimes after watching good looking men play negative and dark characters. 

Kangana Ranaut slams 'Mirzapur 2' makers
Kangana Ranaut slams 'Mirzapur 2' makers

Posting her view on social media she said that glorifying the criminals does more harm to the society than good. She wrote, "This is what happens when you glorify criminals when negative and dark characters are played by good looking young men and they are shown as anti-heroes, not villains then this is the result, shame on Bollywood for causing more damage than good always..."

To note, this isn't the first time that Kangana had voiced her opinion in Nikita Tomar murder case and slammed some of the leading Bollywood actresses including Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhasker, Sonam Kapoor Radhika Apte and Richa Chadha among others for not speaking up in the matter. She tweeted, "All of them should be put in jail for fake and selective activism, these filmy bimbos have caused huge damage to the cause of woman empowerment, why their mouths are sealed for Nikita who has been shot dead in broad daylight by a Jihadi."