Model turned actor Pulkit Samrat is known for her lover boy, and cute roles in the films Sanam Re, Junnooniyat, Fukrey, Fukrey Returns to name a few. 

Pulkit is garnering accolades from fans and critics for his commendable stint as an angry young man in Bijoy Nambiar's recently released film Taish.

Puklit Samrat

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes,  Pulkit Samrat spoke at length about his role in Taish, whether he is scared to shoot amid the ongoing pandemic and shows that he loves to binge on the web.

Excerpts from the interview:

How has the lockdown been for you?

My lockdown all over social media (smiles).

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You are playing an angry young man in Taish, something which you haven't played before, what intrigued you to take up this role?

In Taish, I play a very different character. In the past, I have played a lover boy, I have romanced on-screen, and this is the first time I got a chance to play an angry young man. And most importantly working with Bejoy Nambiar has been on my bucket list for a long time. So overall, I had no reason not to pick up this role.

Apart from you, there is Jim and Viraf in the film to, how did the boy's bond during the shoot?

Me Jim and viraf boned over lawn tennis. It so happened that, we were supposed to shoot a scene in a bathrobe and we were sunbathing bare body, like shameless people. And in the hotel, there was a nice place to play as well, whenever we got time we would play lawn tennis. We played tennis to the extent that we almost broke the glass window. I must say we have this eccentric tennis capability.

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Are you keen on doing web shows?

I keep getting offers for web shows as I get for films and reality shows. I take up a project only if it's exciting. If I am unable to add value to the script or role, then I don't go for it. When Taish was offered, I loved every bit of it from the cast to the storyline, and everything was so on point that I couldn't have said no.

Are you scared or paranoid to shoot amid the ongoing pandemic? 

If you are taking precautions properly, then I am all okay. In fact,  all the production houses are following proper guidelines. And till we find a solution to it, this is the only way that we have. See how they have managed IPL,  and the way they have managed the premier league of football. Yes, it feels weird, but this is the new normal.

Pulkit Samrat

 Taish is not just a film but is also a  web series, celebrate on this? 

Not many know that Taish is not just a film, but it is also a series. Bejoy Nambiar took up the challenge and sat on the edit table and ensured that Taish gets the best of both the worlds. Series is different from the film. People are craving to watch a film can watch Taish as a film, and the ones who love the adrenaline rush of web series can watch that too.

Pulkit Samrat

What do you enjoy watching on the web?

I love Mirzapur season 1 and 2, and now I have heard that The Family Man is also coming with a season 2. I loved Scam of 1992, Serious Men on Netflix is amazing. Then there is Saquib's Comedy couple. There is a lot of content that we have now on the Indian web platform, that we have put International content at the back burner.  I do enjoy watching Intnertaonal shows as well, and Grey Hound is something I like to watch, then Friends is perceptual I can watch anytime and so is the Modern Family, they are mood uplifters.