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Game of Thrones season 8 showed few brutal deaths but as per the show's writer, Daenerys Targaryen's most trusted ally, Ser Jorah Mormont, was meant to survive until the very end.

Game of Thrones' writer Dave Hill recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that for a long time they wanted Ser Jorah to stay alive and move to The Wall in the end. However, as the story progressed, they eventually decided to kill the character protecting the woman he loved the most.

In the beginning, they (writers) considered that it would be Jon Snow, Tormund, and Ser Jorah Mormont who would go beyond The Wall in the climax scene of Game of Thrones but for a character like Jorah, it was not logical for him to betray Daenerys Targaryen in the last moment.

"There's no way to do that blithely. And Jorah should have the noble death he craves defending the woman he loves," Hill added.

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 "The Long Night" featured the longest battle in television history. On one hand, we had Dothraki and Unsullied fighting for Daenerys Targaryen, on the other hand, we had all the Northerners and Wildings fighting for Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones
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When Daenerys was on the ground and was surrounded by several dead Dothraki's who have now become White Walkers, it was Ser Jorah who came for her rescue. But during this epic battle, Daenerys lost Ser Jorah Mormont.

In the end, it was Arya Stark who killed the Night King and subsequently destroyed all the White Walkers.

The 57-year-old Iain Glen, who portrayed Ser Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones also revealed during his conversation with Entertainment Weekly that there was a sweetness in the death of his character. Glen noted that Jorah did not get to see his queen turning all mad in the King's Landing and burning all the innocent people.

"It's a blessing for him that he never found out what happened to her," Glen said. "And from a pragmatic story point of view, his death served a greater purpose. Where could we have taken Jorah from there? F**k if I know," Glen added.