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Schools and colleges are finally closed for summer vacations and while it might be a relief to some, there are numerous students trying to land an internship with companies. Many of the students voluntarily take up these internships to see how the corporate world works and get the feel of it, but for some, it is a mandatory part of the course.

You might have a fancy CV, which talks all about your academics and what extra-curricular activities you have been a part of, but there are many other things that an employer looks for when hiring an intern. Here are a few things:


This is one of the key qualities that employers look for in interns. Strong communication skills not only ensure smooth functioning of the process, but it is also much easier to discuss ideas and decide how to go about things.


This is one of the most important things that employers look for in an intern. Business processes and plans change frequently as per industry requirements and employers often want interns to be able to adapt to various situations. The more resilient you are the better.


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Working in a team is very important when it comes to corporate life today. Each process is often divided into various teams, which ensures better planning and production. While it might sound easy, not everyone gets along with everyone and there is bound to be some friction in the team. How one deals with this friction and emerges as a productive team is a key.

Zeal to learn

Internships, if taken seriously, are a very effective step into the industry. Classroom teachings are theoretically done, but something that one learns on the job is what really makes the difference. Dealing with pressure, working with different kinds of people in real-life situations give one a lot of perspective on what the job is all about.

Proactiveness and problem-solving skills

Employers believe that everyone can follow orders. Things become easy when one is told to do something and the work is done. But what really stands out is how proactive you are with ideas and their implementation. To promote this, firms often have brainstorming sessions when team member bounce ideas among themselves and see which one best suits the plans. Also problem-solving is one of the most valued skills at work. Interns who have a logical thinking and a positive attitude towards the challenges and are willing to find solutions are much sought after.