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Workplace friendships are fun. While you may know a lot of people at your workplace on just an acquaintance basis, a lot of us have made some very close friends at our workplaces and we get along with them like a house on fire. Not just at work, we spend a lot of our spare time together as well.

These friendships go way beyond the workplaces and friends like these often keep in touch even after they shift bases. So once you get close to someone, you often tend to share intimate details of your life and pretty much everything else. Gossip can be hurtful and your witty banter might affect people in different ways.

So, when it comes to opening up at work, how much is too much? Though this is very subjective – to each his own – here are a few things that are best avoided in office.


Every person has their own perspective when it comes to religion. While some are religious and believe in a higher power, others may not really believe it and might even be atheists. Conversations about who follows what religion and their beliefs are best avoided at the workplace.

Salary and Finances

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Talking about salaries and how you manage your finances at work is a big NO! It is not only annoying to hear a person go on about their investments and how they manage money, the idea that someone might be paid more for the same work may bring about negativity.

"When you are at work chatting with your coworkers, never discuss your salary," Samantha Moyer, an admissions counsellor at Marymount Manhattan College, told Her Campus. "You don't know if you are being compensated differently, and it can lead to resentment either on their part or yours."

Sex Life

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Not everyone needs to know who you are hooking up with. You might share that details with a few close friends, but it is not the most appropriate topic to talk about at the workspace. Not only will it make things uncomfortable for others, it could also work against you if word gets around.

Also, depending on the kind of space you work in, your co-workers might just get offended and there could be a sexual harassment complaint in the offing.

Family issues

Family life
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Like your sex life, not everyone needs to know what issues you may have been having with your spouse, children, parents or siblings. No one wants to know if your spouse is being unsupportive or your child is not doing well in school. Your office is not a therapist's clinic. You might share these details with a co-worker who is a very close friend, but it is best to do it after work hours.

Personal comments on co-workers race, weight or sexual orientation

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We cannot stress enough when we say it is not your business. Yes, we all gossip with our close friends but talking about someone's race or sexual orientation is completely unprofessional and inappropriate. This is something you should avoid at all cost.