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Here's some exciting news for fans of Thapki and Dhruv, the lead characters of "Thapki Pyar Ki."

On the occasion of Valentine's week, Ankit Bathla aka Dhruv surprised his character's ladylove Thapki aka Jigyasa Singh and showered her with praises.

In a Telly Masala video, Ankit was seen kneeling down on one knee and proposing to Jigyasa on Propose Day. Ankit's romantic words made the actress turn red-faced.

Although the proposal was from Dhruv to Thapki, it looked like Ankit used the opportunity to confess his love for Jigyasa. It should be mentioned that the on-screen couple is rumoured to be dating in real life too.

Earlier reports stated that Jigyasa and Ankit had a liking for each other since the beginning of the show. Jigyasa had also arranged a special birthday surprise for Ankit last year. However, the actress denied dating Ankit and claimed they were "good friends." "We are more than good friends, but there is nothing else. But yes, he is the person who definitely makes me happy when he is around," Jigyasa had earlier told Telly Chakkar.

Meanwhile, on "Thapki Pyar Ki," the bond between Thapki and Bihaan (Manish Goplani) will grow stronger in the upcoming episodes.

Thapki will make an effort to clear the misunderstandings between Bihaan and his family. However, instead of appreciating her efforts, the family will insult Thapki and throw her out of the house. While Dhruv will also misunderstand Thapki, Bihaan will continue to support her. This will make Thapki realise Bihaan's true love for her.