Shraddha to get pregnant on "Thapki Pyar Ki." Pictured: "Thapki Pyar Ki" actress Monica Khanna aka Shraddha
Shraddha to get pregnant on "Thapki Pyar Ki." Pictured: "Thapki Pyar Ki" actress Monica Khanna aka Shraddhainstagram

The makers of "Thapki Pyar Ki" never fail to amaze the viewers with interesting twists and turns. In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will witness a shocking twist when Shraddha (Monica Khanna) will reveal it to the Pandey family that she is pregnant.

According to a report, Vasundhara (Jaya Bhattacharya) will soon learn that Shraddha had been lying to her and tried killing her as well. Not just that, Vasundhara will also realise that the evil lady had been trying to spoil Thapki's (Jigyasa Singh) image in the family. Furious over Shraddha's deeds, Vasundhara will throw her out of the house. However, to save herself from being thrown out of the house, a cunning Shraddha will inform Vasundhara that she is pregnant with Dhruv's child.

"As soon as Vasu will ask Shraddha to leave her home, she will confess to all her misdeeds. And before leaving the place she will inform others that she is pregnant with Dhruv's (Ankit Bathla) child," a source told

While the viewers will be aware of the fact that Shraddha has lied about her pregnancy, Vasundhara will have a change of heart and will stop her from leaving the house.

It now remains to be seen if Thapki will succeed in exposing Shraddha's pregnancy drama or will the later continue with her evil deeds.

In other news, there were reports recently that Jigyasa and Manish Goplani, who plays the role of Bihaan, are no longer in good terms. It was said that Manish is miffed with Jigyasa as she apparently takes a lot of time to get ready for the shoot. The two even avoid mingling with each other once a shot gets over. However, both Manish and Jigyasa have refuted the rumours.